MediumCube offers two different hosting platforms, Unix and NT. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their First Class NT plan. However, if you need a Unix solution, this company has several different Unix plans that are reasonably priced and well worth a look.

The FirstClass NT plan offers 600 megs of data storage with 20 gigs of monthly data transfer. That’s not truly first class by any means, considering that many NT hosts that charge $29.95 a month offer at least a gig of storage space. However, the bandwidth allotment is in line with the majority of hosts for this price point, so the plan does have some plus sides, particularly with their lack of a set-up fee and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Cold Fusion MX is supported with this plan, another nice feature that is hard to come by. Only 20 email addresses are provided, but this should be sufficient for most small businesses that would need this level of hosting. Unlimited aliases and forwarders are supplied if you need more email functionality. You’ll also have your own SMTP server, a webmail client and mailing lists with this account.

3 add-on domains are allowed and you can add up to 10 sub-domains for each account. However, you’ll be able to park an unlimited amount of domains, which is a nice little add-on. 10 MS SQL databases are provided, which is another nice feature. Many NT hosts scrimp on the amount of databases, usually providing less than 5 for a hosting account at this price range. If your current host has limited you, this in itself may be a reason to switch to MediumCube.

You’ll be able to administer your site through the WinPanel control panel and you can add up to 10 FTP accounts. ASP.NET is supported, but they make no mention of which version number. We would recommend checking with MediumCube ahead of time to make sure that they support the version you need. Telephone support is provided 24/7, but it is not toll-free. Other support options include a client center, a forum and tutorials.

Several add-ons are available to make this plan even better, and their discount of 50% if you purchase a year’s hosting in advance was a nice finishing touch. There is still some room for improvement, particularly on their disk space offering, but all in all, this is a nice, solid NT hosting plan.

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Posted on 01/30/06 2:36 AM

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