MegaNetServe currently has one of the cheapest dedicated hosting plans we could find, but is the plan really worth it? Let’s take a look at what this plan has to offer and what your final monthly hosting costs will really be.

This basic dedicated server comes with a 40 gig hard drive and only 300 gigs of monthly data transfer. Now, this is acceptable if you simply need a dedicated server for more space, but if you’re planning on running a reseller business, or if you have a lot of traffic, this plan may not have enough data transfer for your needs. However, given the price, it is still reasonable.

The server has a 1.7 GHZ Celeron processor, which is a little light given MegaNetServe’s competition. Most budget priced dedicated servers are running on at least a 2 GHZ Celeron processor. However, Linux Fedora is included free of charge, or you can select the Unix based FreeBSD platform for free as well. If you require another operating system, there will be an additional fee.

The standard amount of RAM for this server is 512 megs, and this is in-line with other hosts in this price range. If you need additional RAM, it can be added on for an additional monthly fee. For control panels, you can select CPanel for an additional $30 a month with unlimited domains, Plesk with a 30 domain license for $15 per month or Plesk with a 100 domain license for $20 per month. It is nice to have a control panel, and MegaNetServe has made it pretty affordable. If you plan on running a reseller business, we recommend the CPanel option, for but for your own personal use, the $15 per month Plesk panel should be sufficient.

A free remote reboot service is offered, which is a nice feature. Tech support is available via an online ticket system, or you can request that they give you a call through their online support form.

So, this system with the base configuration and the Plesk license for 30 domains would come to $64 a month. This is a great price for a dedicated server, and even with the add-ons, it is still economical. If you don’t need a lot of data transfer, this would be an ideal dedicated server. There is a $40 set-up fee, but this is also reasonable and in-line with the rest of the industry.

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Posted on 02/25/06 3:58 PM

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