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Mind Tremors hosting packages offer a variety of different features and are targeted mainly towards small businesses. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their entry-level Basic Plan.

Mind Tremors does not provide a great deal of information about their hosting plans on their site, opting instead to have interested customers give them a call. This is a downside in a competitive industry, where customers expect to have all the information that they need right in front of them. Add in the fact that they only accept calls between 8am and 5pm Central, and they could be losing quite a few customers.

This plan starts at $14.95 per month and offers only 50 megs of storage space. This is a high price considering that many hosts at this range offer at least 500 megs of storage space. Bandwidth limits are advertised as “unlimited” but in reality, it is only unlimited so long as you stay within the average of their other customers. This is another area where Mind Tremors comes up lacking. At the very least, the majority of hosting companies that advertise unlimited bandwidth packages state clearly what their version of “unlimited” really means. This nebulous average is difficult to estimate and is a major downside to this plan.

5 email accounts are offered as well as a free site statistic program. Other than that, no other features are published on their site. At this time, there is no set-up fee for this account, but there is no mention on whether or not Mind Tremors offeres a 30 day money back guarantee. With a lack of a guarantee, it is hard to recommend this host, given their major shortcomings as mentioned previously.

Toll-free support is offered, which is a plus, but not enough of one to issue a strong recommendation. Once again, you’ll only be able to reach someone between 8am and 5pm Central, during weekdays, which could be a problem for site owners that experience difficulty with their site on a Friday night.

Overall, this plan is not as well priced as other competitor’s offerings and has a lot of room for improvement.

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Posted on 03/5/06 3:13 AM

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