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MSHosting has several budget priced plans that offer a money back guarantee and stellar support. Other bonuses include a free domain name, free set-up and some other freebies that make their plans truly a good value.

The Corporate plan features 25 gigs of disk space and 400 gigs of data transfer for just $8.95 a month. These limits coupled with the low monthly price make this host a true competitor in today’s cramped industry. You’ll be able to host 10 domains from this account and 40 sub-domains are allowed. Since only 5 FTP accounts are provided, this wouldn’t be the best plan for a reseller business, but it would work quite well for a large business site, or for site owners that just want a little more room and freedom than a shared server typically offers.

99,999 email accounts are included, which is humorous. Most hosts will just say unlimited, but at that amount, it is practically unlimited. Only 10 mailing lists are supported, which is a slight drawback, but this amount should still be sufficient for most needs. 3 crontab support accounts are provided, and this should only be really necessary for advanced users. Front Page extensions are also supported and a free site builder is included, which is nice to see, particularly since it is SiteStudio, one of the most popular builders around.

One of the larger downsides with this plan is the amount of MySQL databases that are included, currently set to only 4. This makes what would have otherwise been a fantastic hosting plan simply a great deal. While most sites wouldn’t use this many databases, it would have been nice to see at least 20, or for the sake of argument, 10 since the plan allows you to host 10 domains.

Support is provided 24/7 through their online ticket system and is advertised as real-time support. Other options include a knowledgebase and a comprehensive FAQ which should be of use to most customers. Overall, this is a solid plan with a great price that has a few downsides, but not enough to prevent this host from receiving a high ranking in our directory.

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Posted on 04/16/06 1:01 AM

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