MyPageHost’s Giga Plan packs a whole lot of storage and data transfer into a very reasonably priced plan. Let’s see what they have to offer.

$19.95 a month will get you 5 gigs of diskspace and 200 gigs of data transfer, which is generous at this price point. While you may be able to find other similarly priced hosting packages with more space, matching the data transfer amount would be difficult. If your site doesn’t need an abundance of space, but requires a great deal of bandwidth, this plan would be well suited for your needs.

A free domain is included for all new accounts and you’ll be able to host 10 individual domains off of one account. While this is a little light if you plan to open a reseller business, it would work well for companies or designers that need to host more than one site on the same server. If you’re hosting several different sites on unique hosting packages, this may be a great way to consolidate your costs.

CPanel and Fantastico are included and you’ll be able to take the control panel for a test drive before signing up for a plan. This is a nice feature if you’re not familiar with CPanel and will give you a chance to see all that it can do for your site. A free website builder is also included, which is useful if you don’t have your own web design program, or if you are new to building websites.

Unlimited email accounts are offered and include virus and spam protection, as well as webmail access. A free shared SSL certificate is provided, but if you prefer your own premium certificate, this is supported as well. Several popular scripting languages and databases are supported, but their documentation did not specify whether there is a limit to how many databases you will be allowed to run. If this is an issue, we recommend checking with MyPageHost ahead of time to make sure your needs will be met.

With no set-up fee, online billing, toll-free telephone support and a lot of useful features, MyPageHost ranks highly in our overall host rankings.

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Posted on 01/23/06 2:20 PM

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