If you’re looking for an NT hosting package, Nebrix offers discount pricing with standard features.

Their WinSaver I plan offers 200 megs of disk space with 20 gigs of bandwidth each month. While the amount of disk space is a little light, the bandwidth is generous for this price point, particularly with NT hosting. 20 email accounts are included, which should be enough for most small, personal sites, but may not be enough for an ecommerce solution. In this case, Nebrix does offer several other plans with more email accounts and features.

You’ll be able to have as many domain aliases as you like, with Nebrix’s unmetered alias service. Also provided are several NT components, including support for, .ASP, FrontPage, PHP and Perl. Server Side Includes are also provided and you’ll have support for CGI scripts as well. Administration of your site can be handled through the included Plesk control panel. If you’ve never used Plesk, you can take it for a test drive through Nebrix’s demo before you purchase your hosting plan.

Support is offered through an online form, and you are asked to be patient for a response, leaving the impression that long waits are standard. Live support is offered via a chat, but this is not provided 24/7. If you need frequent support help, this plan may not be right for your needs. However, if you’re looking for a budget priced solution and you don’t mind waiting for your technical questions to be answered, this plan will work well.

At the time of this review, Nebrix’s website was not completely functioning, and in particular, the ability to view more details on individual plans was disabled. We recommend checking back with Nebrix to see if this has been fixed before purchasing any hosting plan. All in all, while this plan is priced well, it is lacking in several key areas. Try checking with some of our other NT Hosting reviews before making your final decision.

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Posted on 01/19/06 12:00 AM

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