NeonHQ’s website may not have many frills, but they do offer three low-budget priced plans. All of their plans feature a 14-day money back guarantee, and no set-up fees. However, you will need to pay at least six months in advance with this hosting company. Given the monthly price, that’s not going to be too expensive and at least there is a money-back guarantee, although it would have been nice to see it for at least 30 days, since they do require so much up front.

For this review, we’ll be looking at their HQ2 Plan, which is priced at $5 per month, but there is no set-up fee. This plan doesn’t offer much space or bandwidth, 200 megs and 4 gigs respectively. Small, personal sites would be a very good fit for this plan, as well as personal blogs or very small business sites. These sites generally don’t exceed 1 gig of data transfer per month, which would work out quite well. If you’re site does experience close to this amount of traffic, or if you see spikes every now and again, the next plan up would probably be more suited to your particular needs.

CPanel 9.0 is the control panel, which is strange considering how long CPanel 10 has been out. The other features are quite nice for the money and include 999 email addresses, 999 subdomains and 999 mailing lists, which should be more than sufficient for most needs. 100 MySQL databases are provided, which is fantastic, and you can request more if necessary for no extra charge, which is even better. Three different webmail clients are provided and Perl, PHP and CGI are all supported.

Fantastico is included free of charge, and your installation of CPanel will allow you to easily password protect your directories, schedule cron jobs and basically control most aspects of your site with a few clicks. While it would have been nice to see CPanel 10, version 9.0 is still functional, and will get the job done. This company does state that they offer monthly specials, but this section has not been updated since June of 2005. With th elow prices however, there shouldn’t be much need for special pricing.

Technical support options include email support and they publish their ICQ address for live chat. They do not state their hours of operation for their tech support team, which is a shame. Overall, while this plan has some limitations, the features are well worth the money. With a few changes, this plan could be very good.

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Posted on 05/20/06 3:03 AM

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