Netfirms Advantage Business plan is a great start plan for an ecommerce website. The amount of diskspace offered, 20 gigs, is generous, and the bandwidth allotment is high for this price point. As with many ecommerce hosting plans, you’ll also get a GoogleAdWords credit with a new account, as well as several other bonuses that make this plan from Netfirms worth a look.

Each new plan comes with a CommercePro e-commerce storefront, making it easy to get your online store up and running quickly. If you do not currently have a shopping cart solution, or if you are unsure of how to set one up, this will certainly assist you. If you plan to use a Content Management System for your site, the inclusion of WordPress can make the transition very smooth. You can elect to have WordPress installed as the default site when you set up your account. If you already have a website using WordPress, this can make transferring to a new server much easier.

Also included is a free Netfirms Website Starter CD valued at $150. This includes NetObjects Fusion 7 design package, that comes with free templates that will give your site a professional look in one easy step. You will need to pay shipping for the CD.

Netfirms offers technical support around the clock, by phone, email support or their online knowledgebase. Unfortunately, phone support options are not toll-free, but any pre-sale questions you have can be answered using their toll-free number option. Netfirms promises quick response times, typically within a few hours, if using the email support option.

No set-up fees are required, but the major downside is that you are forced to purchase a year’s hosting in advance, without the ability to select a month-to-month version of the plan at a higher price point. This will most likely turn many potential customers away. This, coupled with the non toll-free support number brought Netfirms overall rating in a few points lower than it could have been. The amount of features and even the free gifts can easily be found with other hosts who do not force you to purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance.

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