NetNation offers several levels of hosting services, including co-location, managed services and shared hosting. You’ll also be able to select your type of hosting, from Windows to Unix, to Cold Fusion. It’s nice to see a hosting company that offers this kind of selection. Let’s see if their plans can hold up.

Their Power-Win Windows-based hosting plan starts at $59.95 per month and features 1.5 gigs of disk space and unmetered bandwidth. A quick look at their terms of service was not very helpful in finding what their actual amounts are. The agreement simply states that customers cannot use excessive levels of bandwidth or system resources, but fails to point out what they deem as “excessive use.” This is a major downside to this plan.

200 email accounts are included, and a virus and spam blocker is available. Two mailman lists are provided, or, if you prefer, you can elect to choose 4 Microsoft Exchange accounts instead. A free shared SSL certificate comes with this plan, which is nice to see, but you’ll need to install your own shopping cart, since there is no mention of any carts being included with this plan. You will however get NetNation’s Site Builder and NetNation’s SiteBlog tool with this account. For site promotion, you can take advantage of their free $50 Overture coupon.

Support is provided 24/7 by toll-free telephone, support tickets and live chats. This redeemed NetNation to some extent, but their overall ranking would have been a lot higher if they had included more information in their terms of service agreement on bandwidth. No one likes to jump in water without knowing just how deep it is. Overall, this is a nice hosting package, that’s a little on the expensive side, but still provides some nice features and great support.

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