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Netsite Vault Hosting has three hosting plans that are geared towards business users. Their Netsite Cart plan comes equipped with several options for an ecommerce site and starts at $26.95 a month. While that’s a little high, given some of the limits for this plan, let’s see if it’s worth the money.

You’ll get 200 megs of disk space and 8 gigs of monthly data transfer. The disk space allotment is very low for a business site, but it may be enough for a small ecommerce business, if they do not have a lot of products or need for additional space. The bandwidth allotment is pretty standard when coupled with the amount of disk space, but it’s a little low considering the monthly price. However, most sites should come well under this allotment.

25 email accounts are provided, which again, is a little low. However, GnuPG is offered, which is a nice feature if you prefer to have your orders emailed to you. It’s nice to see this option in a plan like this, and it’s not a common feature with many hosting companies. A web-based control panel is provided, and this plan supports Real Audio/Video streaming. However, you won’t be able to store many files with the low amount of disk space. A real time chat room is included which can be useful if you plan to offer customer or sales support on your site. This is a very nice feature for an ecommerce site, and again, not one that is commonly available.

A shared SSL certificate is offered and a full business script archive comes with this plan. While Netsite Vault doesn’t go into what is included in this package, one can hope it contains at least a shopping cart. That seems to be the one thing this ecommerce plan is missing, at least in their documentation.

24/7 technical support is available through their help desk, and this plan does come with a 30-day money back guarantee. While there are some large deficits, such as a low amount of disk space and a relatively higher price tag, the features do outweigh this and it would be a good fit for many small companies.

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