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Network Solutions has long been associated with domain registration, and many people either love or hate the company. Let’s see what kind of hosting packages this company has to offer. Right off the bat, their standard plan offers a free domain with set-up, with no set-up fee, making it a decent choice economically. Their month-to-month price is currently $11.95 for the standard plan, which drops to $9.95 if you elect to purchase a year’s contract in advance.

The features are a little light, considering other hosting companies offering packages in this price point. 3 gigs of diskspace are provided with this account, and the monthly data transfer allowance is currently set at 50 gigs. If you are looking for more space and transfer, their next account levels double this amount for only a few dollars more a month.

The standard plan offers 25 email accounts, with a total storage for all accounts currently set at 50 megs. Compared to other hosting companies, this amount is a little light, but if you do not receive or send large attachments on a regular basis, this shouldn’t cause you any excess grief. Virus scanning and Symantec’s BrightMail is included with the standard account to assist you in managing your inbox more effectively.

If you are planning on using your site as a portal, or if you need an inter-company sharing tool, the included multi-user calendar, task manager and address book options will certainly come in handy. For companies that are looking for an online file sharing solution, the next plan up in price features this ability as well as an in-site instant messenger and journal manager.

For webmasters looking to get a site off the ground quickly, the included ImageCafe Web Site Creator will certainly be useful. This is also helpful for new webmasters or users that are not familiar with or currently do not own a web design program. If you want to keep track of what’s going on with your site, Unix accounts come with Webalizer, a popular website statistic program, and Windows accounts include Web Trends instead.

Overall, this plan has some nice features, but larger companies may not find the amount of space and email options they require here. If you are looking for a solid solution that offers a month-to-month plan, as well as decent reliability, this is certainly a hosting plan worth checking out.

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