One-Hosting keeps it simple by offering one hosting plan. Pricing starts at $8.95 for the quarterly option, dropping down to $5.95 if you purchase two year’s worth of hosting from the company. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided, which is essential if you’re being asked to pay for more than one month upfront. Unfortunately, they do charge a set-up fee, which is currently $29.95 for the quarterly option, and $19.95 for the six month billing option. It is waived however if you purchase at least a year’s worth of hosting, making that option very attractive.

This plan includes 500 megs of disk space and 50 gigs of monthly data transfer. While the disk space is a little low, the bandwidth allotment is fantastic. Most sites should be able to stay within these limits quite easily, particularly if they are small personal sites. 500 email addresses are included and an anti-virus tool is provided free of charge. SSH is available both for FTP and email, which is very nice to see. 24/7 FTP access is offered, but they don’t state how many FTP accounts are provided.

50 MySQL databases come with this plan, which should be more than enough for most applications. Plesk is the control panel for this plan, and support is provided for Apache ASP, ImageMagick, PHP, Perl, CGI and SSI. Horde is the available webmail client, which is easy enough to use, and Webalizer is offered for site statistics. File back-ups are performed daily and the company runs a diesel powered back-up generator to ensure that your files are safe.

Technical support is offered via E-Mail, ICQ, Voice Message, Emergency SMS 24/7, but telephone support is not available at this time. It would have been nice to see a support ticket system, but overall, they do offer plenty of options for their customers. If you require a dedicated IP address, this can be added-on for an additional $1.50 a month, which is very reasonable and would help make this plan more attractive to ecommerce webmasters.

This is a well priced plan that has one major downside, the set-up fee. Not everyone can afford to purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance, and many customers may not want to invest that kind of money in a host they’ve never worked with. If One-Hosting would waive this fee, their overall ranking in our directory would be much higher.

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Posted on 05/22/06 2:38 AM

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