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Penguin Webhosting claims to be the leader in shared hosting, but do they measure up? Let’s find out!

Their Professional Plan offers a low price with a good set of features that you’d be hard pressed to find with another company at this price point. There is a set-up fee, but at $5, it certainly won’t break the bank. If you purchase a year or more worth of hosting, this fee is waived and the overall monthly charge is reduced.

6.5 gigs of disk space are included with this plan and their bandwidth is currently unlimited. With this particular company, this means that as long as your site does not have adult content, that it’s primary purpose is not to provide downloads, that the majority of your files are directly related to your site and that your site remains on Penguin Webhosting’s nameservers, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth. Otherwise, the bandwidth limit is set to 150 gigs per month for this account. This is entirely reasonable and we give kudos for Penguin for laying out their exact policy in easy-to-understand terminology.

Unlimited email accounts are provided and virus scanning will be enabled to keep your email safe. You can park up to 1,000 domains with this account and you’ll also have 1,000 add-on domains. Unlimited MySQL databases are offered, which is rare when it comes to budget priced hosting. The online control panel offers more than 100 features and you’ll have access to their SSL encryption if you need to secure specific areas of your site.

Real Audio and Video streaming is available and most major web design clients, such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver are also supported. 24/7 tech support is available and Penguin also features a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

While most unlimited bandwidth hosting plans feature hidden-fees, this is one of the few, including CHIhost that does not. If you’re looking for a solid plan with a low monthly fee, this is certainly well worth the money.

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Posted on 01/23/06 12:18 AM

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