PodcasterHosting is a very simple hosting company that doesn’t offer much in the way of documentation, or support. It looks to be a very simple operation that is run off of a reseller server in order to assist podcasters in getting their podcasts up and running. If you need a lot of support or you’re looking for more detailed information before purchasing a hosting plan, this may not be a good place to start.

While we appreciate the effort of PodcasterHosting to make it very simple to publish a podcast, they may have gone just a little too far. At this point in time, their sign-up form asks for just an email address, your name and phone number. This may not give consumers the confidence they have come to expect when dealing with a hosting company and if this were improved, PodcasterHosting might be able to attract more customers.

Currently, they are offering one free month of hosting for your podcast, which includes tools to upload, manage and publish your podcast using RSS 2.0. Also included is the ability to easily add iTunes tags to your podcast, an important facet of promoting your podcast effectively. 1 gig of storage space is provided, and PodcasterHosting is upfront about where your data will actually be located. They are currently working with 1and1.com hosting, which features nightly data back-ups, which is a nice feature.

The monthly price after the free trial is $20 and the only apparent way to pay for the account is through PayPal, another downside for many consumers. Support options are not listed, but you can give them a call during normal business hours or send them an email. It is not mentioned whether this phone number can be used for support issues, so you may want to send an email first.

Overall, with a little bit of improvement to their documentation this might make a good podcasting host. At the current time however, you may be better off going with a more well known podcasting host such as PodKive or Libsyn.

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Posted on 02/11/06 9:55 PM

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