For our third review in our Podcasting series, we are going to take a look at what PodKive has to offer. They currently have several different levels of plans available, from basic to enterprise, so you should not have any problem finding a plan that is right for you.

Their Basic Podcast package includes 100 megs of disk space, and the bandwidth is unmetered. A quick look at PodKive’s Terms of Service does not seem to indicate that there is a hidden level of bandwidth, but they may contact you if your account starts using up more than what they deem as “normal.” It is much nicer to have the exact amount of bandwidth that a company will allow, as well as a set-fee for overages, but PodKive’s documentation does not currently include this.

One of the nicer features from PodKive is the fact that they actually include email accounts with their podcast hosting accounts. In fact, even with the basic plan, you will be allowed unlimited POP3 email accounts, which is a benefit over many of the different podcast hosting companies that are currently in business. Also included is the ability to publish five separate podcasts from one account, each with its own RSS feed. If you are planning on having more than five podcasts, the next level plan will allow to publish fifteen different podcasts.

There is currently no set-up fee, unless you are signing up for their Enterprise level plan and the basic plan starts at just $10 per month. Support options are provided via a toll-free telephone number, IM and a user forum. It is nice to see a podcast hosting company provide toll-free telephone support.

Overall, this is a very nice hosting plan for beginning podcasters and provides features that other hosts in this market lack. The addition of a support feature should be very useful for first-time podcasters.

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Posted on 02/11/06 10:08 PM

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