Is PowWeb really the “perfect hosting solution?” Let’s find out!

The monthly price for PowWeb’s single hosting plan grabs your attention right away. At $7.77 a month with no set-up fee, this seems to be a very good deal. The disk space allotment is huge for this price point, currently set at 12 gigs and the monthly data transfer is currently set to 300 megs. For budget hosting, PowWeb seems to be raising the bar. Let’s see what else they include.

One of the more interesting features is the ability to manage your own DNS, Cnames and MX records. This is normally not possible with shared hosting and gives an extra level of functionality to this package. However, if you are not familiar with these types of records, you should probably not start tweaking the settings. For advanced webmasters however, this is a very nice feature. A control panel is provided that will help you manage your site and your account, and you’ll also have 24/7 FTP access with 10 user accounts provided. Once again, this is a rare thing for a budget priced, shared hosting account.

A custom script installer is included and PowWeb claims that it is better than Fantastico, which would be a difficult task. Some of the scripts include several content management systems, blogging tools and photo galleries, but in all honesty, they are the same scripts you would get with Fantastico, with a couple exceptions.

5 MySQL databases are provided, as well as phpMyAdmin for database management and daily back-ups of database data. This is a very nice feature, particularly if your site relies heavily on a database. Support for FrontPage extensions is included as well as support for Flash, Midi and Shockwave. 650 email accounts are provided, as well as webmail access and the virus scanning.

Toll-free telephone support is provided and 24/7 support is available through chat or email. This feature does move PowWeb into the top of budget hosting plans, since telephone support is commonly not offered for plans in this price point. If you’re looking for a cheap but feature rich hosting package, this is certainly one to try.

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Posted on 01/22/06 1:54 PM

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