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Precision Effect Hosting recently upgraded all of their hosting plans to include the new release Plesk 8.0. You’ll find several different levels of hosting solutions with this company, starting at just $2.55 per month. For this review, we’re going to focus on their Precision Hosting plan, which is currently priced at $18.70 per month, based on their annual billing option.

This plan offers 2 gigs of disk space and 50 gigs of monthly data transfer. This is a little low considering the monthly allotments, but it’s pretty standard with other hosting companies in this price range. One domain is allowed per account, and we mentioned previously, Plesk 8.0 is the control panel for this account. If you’re not used to Plesk, you’ll enjoy the numerous tutorials offered by Precision Effect.

Unlimited email addresses and MySQL databases are provided. Unlimited subdomains and aliases are also provided, which is nice since only domain is allowed. Anonymous FTP access is provided and you can configure the options through the online control panel. For antivirus protection, Dr. Web Antivirus Management is offered free of charge, which is nice to see.

You can manage your own DNS settings, and support is provided for Perl, PHP and Python. Technical support is offered 24/7 via their online ticket system. In addition, a helpful FAQ is also available, a comprehensive knowledgebase and numerous tutorials.

Although this plan is a little high priced, the features are quite nice and it would be a good fit for a business or larger personal site that needs a little more data transfer than many budget hosting companies provide each month. Their site is well designed and easy to navigate. As a bonus, if you are happy with their services and provide a testimonial, they’ll give you an extra 100 megs of disk space for the life of your account.

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Posted on 05/5/06 10:59 PM

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