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If you’re looking for a hosting plan that comes close to the power of a dedicated server without all the hassle, Prime Internet may have just the hosting plan for you.

Their Gold Hosting plan is geared towards businesses that need advanced functionality, but are not quite ready to make the switch towards a dedicated server. In the event that you are looking for a dedicated or managed solution, these plans are also available from Prime Internet. This plan however, comes with 5 gigs of data storage space and 300 gigs of monthly data transfer. This amount is quite decent, considering the current monthly price is $99.99 per month. Still, you can find larger allotments at a lower price point. Let’s see if there is something else that makes this plan standout from the competition.

You’ll have the ability to host 25 different domains on one account, but only 50 email accounts are provided. This could be a problem if you decide to use this plan to open your own reselling business, but may not be an issue for a single company looking to increase their overall server space and ability. Considering that many budget hosts offer unlimited email accounts for much less per month, this is one area that could definitely use improvement.

The Sphera Control Panel is included with this account, and should allow you to effectively manage your site’s day-to-day needs. We did not see a link to a demo of this panel, so if you are not certain of how it works, we would recommend contacting their sales department ahead of time to make sure that you will be happy with this particular control panel.

A dedicated IP address is offered, and you’ll have your own MySQL server. However, the amount of databases that you will be allowed was not delineated in their documentation. Once again, we recommend checking with Prime Internet to see if there are any limitations before purchasing this hosting plan.

Technical support is offered via their online support center and although Prime Internet has their toll-free number displayed prominently on their site, they do not state whether it is for sales only or if it can be used for technical support.

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