If you’re looking for a unique reseller plan that offers numerous features that aren’t easy to come by, Quality Host Online may have a plan for you. Let’s see what they have to offer.

First off, unlike most hosting companies, Quality Host divides up their disk space and bandwidth allotments a little differently. For this plan, you’ll get 500 megs for your own site, and the remaining 2 gigs will be available for your customers. Similarly, the bandwidth is divided in the following way: 10 gigs for your own needs, and 10 gigs for your customers. If you need more space or bandwidth, their other plans offer cost-effective solutions with more resources.

One of the best features of this reseller plan is the ability to have your own custom nameserver. This is one area that many reseller hosts fall down on, and it’s a great chance to completely brand your new company. If you are not comfortable having another host’s name on the nameserver, this plan may be exactly what you’re looking for.

You won’t be limited as to the amount of domains you can host on one account, and each account will be able to have unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited Postgres databases, a Fantastico installer, unlimited email accounts and more. This plan really allows you to build a quality hosting plan that can offer your customers all of the latest features. You’ll even get your own dedicated IP address, making it easier to offer shared SSL certificates and more. Spam Assassin and Anti-Virus tools can also be offered on each account.

There is currently no set-up fee for this plan, and its monthly price of $10 makes it incredibly easy to earn back your hosting fees each month and still make a profit. If you’ve thought about starting up your own reseller business, or even if you just need a more powerful hosting plan, this one is definitely worth a look.

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Posted on 01/27/06 2:04 AM

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