If you’re looking for dedicated Mac hosting, but you’re not quite ready for a large server, Rackmounted may have a solution for you.

Their Mac Mini plan is a cheap way to get a dedicated server with plenty of features. Currently priced at $79.95 per month, this plan offers 40 gigs of disk space and 500 gigs of monthly data transfer. If you need more disk space or a faster processor, an extra $20 a month will get you an 80 gig hard drive and a 1.4 GHZ G4 processor. 256 megs of RAM are included, and once again, if you need extra, it’s easy to add and inexpensive.

There is no set-up fee for this plan and currently, no contracts to sign. Free start-up support is offered, but if you need additional support beyond this set-up time there will be an additional fee. Rackmounted’s current pricing is $25 for 15 minutes of time. However, if the support problem is small, you may not have to worry about this fee. They also offer a 24/7 emergency contact, just in case you run into problems in the middle of the night.

You can control your server through the web-based OSX interface, and root access is provided. MySQL, Perl and PHP are supported and you can see how your site is doing with Webalizer site statistics. Burstable bandwidth is included with this account as well as a trans-atlantic fibre connection.

The main area of concern with using a Mac Mini as a server is hard drive failure, but so far, there have not been too many complaints on this issue. For the money, this is a solid solution for smaller sites that prefer to run on a Mac-based platform, or it would work well for streaming Quicktime files. Completely free technical support would have given Rackmounted a higher overall rating, but they still get high marks for value and the ability to customize the server through the available add-ons, at a reasonable price.

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Posted on 01/19/06 2:21 AM

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