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Radiant Communications is a provider of IT services, VPN’s, and internet connectivity services, but they also provide web hosting services. These hosting solutions are geared mainly towards businesses but there are a few plans that would work well for a personal site. A quick look at their shared hosting options reveal that they currently have four hosting plans that range in price from $12.46 to $115 per month. Their Corporate Merchant Plan, while it is the highest priced plan, offers a good deal of unique features, making it a good fit for ecommerce site owners.

For $114.95 per month, you’ll get 2 gigs of disk space and 50 gigs of monthly data transfer. It should be noted that this monthly price drops down to around $95 if you purchase a year’s worth of hosting in advance and there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you would like to try this option. 200 email accounts come with this plan, as well as 500 aliases. We prefer to see unlimited email addresses for plans in this price range, but 200 may be sufficient for many sites. 1 gig of disk space is provided for email, and virus scanning is offered for each email account. 5 FTP accounts are included, which is a little low, particularly if your site has a lot of contributors.

Since this is an ecommerce plan, let’s see if these features will make this plan well worth the money. Miva Merchant 4 comes free with this account and comes with the ability to post an unlimited amount of products. This is a great deal, since Miva can be very expensive. It should help ecommerce sites build rich online stores with a minimum amount of effort. An SSL certificate is provided, but there is no mention on whether or not it is a shared certificate.

Only 2 MySQL databases are offered, which is better than none, but considering the monthly price for this plan, it is very low. You’ll get your choice between a Windows-based or Linux-based OS, but the Windows option is higher priced than the Linux option. If you select Linux, you’ll get support for Java servlets, while Windows users will get support for ASP and ASP.NET. SSI and Perl are supported, and you’ll also be able to customize your own DNS settings.

For support, you’ll have access to a toll-free telephone number as well as a number of technical guides for self-help. A trouble ticket system is also provided. This redeemed Radiant’s overall ranking somewhat, but until the price comes down, it will be very difficult for Radiant to remain competitive with other hosting companies with offerings in this price range.

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