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Although Server Axis does not have any dedicated plans priced under $100, they came in just above the wire, so they still qualify as “cheap.” For this review, we’re going to look at their Athlon64 3000 Server Starter Plan, which is currently priced at $125 per month. Several other servers are also available if you’re looking for one with a little more power. Their cheapest solutions are currently sold out, but keep checking back to see if one becomes available.

This plan offers one 160 gig hard drive, which is really a good deal for the monthly price. If you need twice the space, the next Athlon64 3000 Server plan offers two 160 gig hard drives for just a few more dollars a month. You’ll get 800 gigs of monthly data transfer, which again, is very good for the price. 1 gig of RAM is included and 5 usable IP addresses are included. This plan also comes with Private VLan, Web Reboot Outlet and Uninterruptible Power.

You’ll be able to choose your own operating system and there does not appear to be an extra charge for an OS. You may want to check with their sales department ahead of time, just to make sure. Control panels are reasonably priced at start at $10 per month for the DirectAdmin panel and go up to CPanel with WHM for an extra $30 per month. Other add-ons include extra IP addresses, but you will need to justify your request. If you need additional memory, they charge $20 per gig per month. Bandwidth overages are currently priced at 25 cents a gig.

Basic management services are provided free of charge, and servers are monitored 24/7. Servers are set-up within 24 hours and there is no set-up fee, which is very nice to see. Technical support is provided via email, or there is an emergency pager option if you need immediate assistance. It would have been nice to see more support options, but overall, this plan is a very good value and would cost just a little over $100 a month, even with a control panel.

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