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If you need a high performance dedicated server, you can easily expect to pay a few hundred dollars a month. Server Beach offers a number of plans, all under $300 per month, for high performance dedicated solutions to keep your site up and running. If you are running a gaming site, or you want to get into reselling, this company is well worth a look.

Their entry level dedicated server starts at $169, but be aware that this does not include a control panel to manage the server. You will need to add this on for an additional monthly fee if you require this option. While it is not necessary, it is certainly a helpful utility when it comes to managing your server. Advanced users might not need to worry about this feature, but if you do need a control panel you’ll be able to select between the popular CPanel, Plesk and Ensim panels before making your purchase.

Rapid Reboot, an excellent feature, is provided free of charge with their entry level plan. This feature can come in handy if you are locked out of your server and need a quick solution to bring it back online.

Server Beach’s entry level server is a Dell server running on an Intel Pentium 3.0 Ghz processor. 1 gig of Ram is provided with this account, but you can easily find higher level solutions with more Ram, diskspace or bandwidth.

As dedicated servers go, Server Beach offers a competitive price and features that you may not find at this price level. If you are an entry-level user, this plan may be overkill. However, if your site needs complex applications, has a lot of database traffic, or you plan to open a gaming community, you should feel right at home here. The ability to choose your control panel is a nice feature and the support options should assist you in the set-up and daily operation of your dedicated server.

There are many different configurations from which to choose, giving you the option to easily upgrade if your site needs increase over time. Server Beach gets high marks in our review for value, and features. Their overall score dropped a little, based on the lack of overall available information on their hosting plans. However, they are aiming for customers that are already familiar with the ins and outs of dedicated hosting, and most advanced users should not experience any problem selecting a plan that will work for them.

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