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Looking for a Mac hosting plan that offers advanced features and won’t break the bank? Server Logistics currently has four different Mac-based hosting plans that are all reasonably priced. Let’s take a look at their Enterprise Plan to see what it has to offer.

This plan comes with 2 gigs of disk space and 100 gigs of monthly data transfer. The bandwidth allotment is quite nice for this price point, but the amount of disk space could use some improvement. However, most sites will fall well within these limits, unless you have a great deal of rich media files or large databases.

Speaking of databases, 10 MySQL databases are included with this plan, and if you need additional databases, they are $2 per month. This is a pretty fair price, and most sites shouldn’t need over 10 databases to run basic applications. It’s nice to see this feature included with a Mac-based hosting plan. Server Logistics offers their own control panel to manage your site, but we did not see a demo offered for a test drive at this time.

PHP is supported as well as streaming for Quicktime audio and video. If you plan on running an ecommerce site, this plan comes with one free installation of OSCommerce and SSL certificates are supported, but not included. If you need an SSL certificate, you can purchase one from Server Logistics for $45 per year. This is a well priced certificate, given that many hosts will charge at least $99 for the same type of certificate.

1000 email accounts are included, as well as autoresponders, spam and virus filters and a webmail client. Site statistics are provided via Webalizer, which is one of the most popular graphical statistic programs on the market.

Toll-free telephone support is offered, but it’s not 24/7. However, you can get 24/7 support via their online options, or you can browse through their knowlegebase. Overall, this is a solid hosting plan for Mac customers with a decent price and a lot of features you can’t find with comparable Mac-based hosting companies.

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