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In our last article, we covered the benefits of having a static IP on your dedicated server. However, if you are only given one IP for your dedicated server, it may mean that you will have to use this IP for several sites.

If you are planning on having only one site that resides on your dedicated server, this is not a very large issue and will be based merely on your personal preference.

However, if you plan to resell space on your dedicated server, or if you have multiple sites that you want to host for yourself, they will need to share this IP address. There are some advantages to having a shared IP address, but you will most commonly run into disadvantages.

In fact, many people make the move to a dedicated solution so that they can have their own IP. If you cannot find a hosting company that includes a block of IP addresses with a dedicated server package, you may end up having to purchase them for an additional fee.

Are shared IP addresses really such a bad thing? There is no clear cut answer for this question. It will depend entirely on what you plan to do with your server and what your individual needs are.

If you are the only one sharing an IP address, you will not have to worry about SPAM complaints. However, if you are allowing multiple sites to share the same IP, you may not be able to tell exactly who is to blame. Many good businesses have been blamed for sending out SPAM when it was actually someone else using that same IP address that was responsible.

You can also have downtime issues when a shared IP goes haywire and doesn’t resolve correctly. Instead of having only site go down on a static IP, every single person that is sharing that IP will experience downtime. For a reseller based hosting company, this can be a nightmare.

So what are the upsides to shared IP addresses? Cost effectiveness is the main reason that webmasters and hosting companies decide to go with a shared IP address. Since you can put many different sites on one IP, you will not need to purchase additional IP addresses for each and every site that you want to host on your server.

If you plan on selling a lot of space on your server, this can quickly add up over time. By offering shared IP addresses you can save quite a lot of money. This is also useful for hosting your own sites, since you are the only one you will have to worry about on the IP.

Basically, you will have many different IP options when you are running a dedicated server. You will need to weigh you concerns to see if having several dedicated IP addresses are worth the extra expense, or if you can benefit by using shared IP addresses instead.

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Posted on 12/15/05 8:15 PM

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