Shopping Carts for Ecommerce Sites

When you are shopping for a web hosting provider for your ecommerce site, it is important to find a host that includes a shopping cart with your hosting package. If you plan to sell products on the Internet, a shopping cart is an essential tool. There are many different shopping carts that may be provided with your hosting package. We’ll detail the most popular below so that you will know what to expect.

High end hosting companies usually include a free copy of Miva Merchant ( Miva Mercant is a shopping cart that is extremely powerful and easy to use. The shopping cart interface is very user friendly and is widely used on many ecommerce sites. If your company does not include Miva, and you prefer to use this shopping cart solution, you will need to pay a licensing fee.

Smaller hosting providers usually include Agoracart ( Agoracart is an open source shopping cart that is relatively easy to install, but does not offer as many features as it’s larger competitors. Since it is free, there are some limitations, such as support if a problem arises. However, if you just need a simple shopping cart, this is a very good solution.

Many hosting packages will include OS Commerce ( Although OS Commerce is an open source shopping cart, it has a great many features and is easy to use and administer. This is one of the most popular open source shopping carts and features a development community that is constantly producing add-ons to make it even more functional.

If your hosting company does not provide a free shopping cart, you can either purchase a shopping cart, such as Miva Merchant, or install an open source cart on your site. However, if you prefer to have a third party shopping cart, there are several options that are available to you. A third party shopping cart is very useful for site owners that do not have the time to install complicated software. also offers a third party cart that is one of the most popular and widely used third party solutions. The cart is very easy to set-up and administer. It also features a very user-friendly interface for your customers. offers a third party shopping cart that has many other features built-in, such as customer management and the ability to email customers from the shopping cart interface.

BCentral ( is another popular third party solution that many companies are currently using. It features integrated database support, which is helpful if you have an online product catalog already in place.

These third party solutions all require a monthly fee, but this may be offset by the ease of use and installation. Even if your host does not offer a shopping cart for your ecommerce website, you still have many viable options that will get your store online and selling in no time at all.

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