Simple Host certainly lives up to their name. They offer only one plan, but the amount of features included with this plan certainly is not too simple. If you need a quick solution, and your site does not normally exceed 50 gigs in transfer each month, this hosting package is worth a try, particularly with SimpleHost’s money back guarantee.

No set-up fees are required with SimpleHost, and same day account set-up is offered. If you need your site up and running today, this is certainly a great host to go with. An online control panel is offered, as well as scripts for a guestbook, discussion board, photo gallery, blogging and even a shopping cart. However, businesses with excessive site demands may overpower this host, as it seems they are catering more towards personal webmasters who have previously hosted their sites on free webspace providers.

The disk space for this plan is unlimited, as are the email accounts, aliases, mailing lists and email forwarders. However, the general impression is that SimpleHost does not expect the majority of their clients to demand too many of these unlimited options, so once again, large sites may not perform as well and may need to move to a hosting company with more robust options.

The bandwidth is limited to 50 gigs a month, which is fair, given the price. However, you can easily find other hosts with much more data transfer offered at a similar price. Again, your decision should be based on your overall site needs. SimpleHost takes their business seriously and their servers feature a battery back up system, a diesel backup generator, video camera surveillance, a redundant HVAC system and more. The network and servers are monitored 24/7, and this plan features a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Online support is provided 24/7, but the telephone support is lacking in this area. Online tutorials and documentation are provided, but may not be enough for new webmasters. Overall, this is a great plan for personal sites but we would not recommend it for a large ecommerce, database or multimedia site.

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Posted on 01/12/06 3:38 PM

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