Site Builders: Necessary Evil or Just Evil?

As more and more people begin to rely on site builders, template packs and other tools, less and less people are learning HTML. Is this a bad thing or a natural progression of events? While on the one hand, it’s great that more people are being allowed to easily create their own websites. On the other, designers are losing work, and people new to hosting are missing out on the experience that learning even basic html can bring.

Where do you stand on the matter? Templates make life easier, that’s for sure, but what can you really do with your site if you don’t know the basics? As more templates feature PHP, the learning curve is even higher. In a way, even though templates make it easier, site owners are locked into preconceived designs without having the change to make it their own, to customize it to what they want.

What do we end up with then? A bunch of sites that all bear a strong resemblance to one another. In the end, creativity is squashed, even if only a little, and that is never a good thing. While new templates are created on a daily basis, customized templates are usually priced at a level that many customers cannot afford.

While templates and site builders open up new horizons, at the same time, the horizon looks the same for everyone. I only hope that once people start with builders or templates that they will learn more and decide to dip their feet into at least basic HTML.

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Posted on 05/22/06 9:19 PM

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