SiteTurn is an award winning hosting company that offers several different hosting options. Whether you’re looking for a budget priced shared hosting plan, or you need a little more power for your hosting solutions, there are plenty of plans from which to choose. For this review, we’re going to take a look at their managed dedicated server options.

Whenever you’re looking at fully managed dedicated servers, you can expect a hefty price tag. However, SiteTurn has done a great job of providing these services at a reasonable rate. Their entry-level managed dedicated server plan starts at $249 per month. However, there are some downsides. This plan only provides a 80 gig hard drive and 200 gigs of monthly data transfer. This isn’t much better than some VPS plans that are priced a lot lower. This plan would be best suited for a small company or personal site where the owners want the freedom of a dedicated server, but may not have the time to mess with technical details.

The server for this plan offers a Pentium 4 2.0 ghz processor with 512 megs of RAM. This is a little better than most entry level plans which are usually confined to Celeron processors. The operating system is Red Hat Linux 7.3 w/ Server Manager Pro 2.0 and their Server Automation Suite and Monitoring Suite are provided free of cost. Unfortunately, SiteTurn’s links were not working, so we cannot provide any more information about these suites at this time.

Unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, domains and FTP accounts are provided, which is to be expected with a dedicated server. A private ProFTP server is available as well as anonymous FTP access. A software library is included, but SiteTurn does not go into specifics on what is available in this library. One of the biggest downsides of this plan is the hefty set-up fee, which is currently priced at $249, unless you purchase your server space on a quarterly or yearly basis.

Some of the major problems for this hosting company are their lack of plan information, dead links and inconsistent plan information. For example, when you try to order this plan, you end up with their VPS level one plan instead of their dedicated solution. This is certainly a major failing on SiteTurn’s part and their sales would most likely improve if these issues were fixed.

For managed hosting, one would expect at least some information on the types of services that are provided, but once again, this information has been omitted. Our best recommendation would be to wait to see if these issues are fixed before moving forward with this hosting company.

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Posted on 03/30/06 3:30 AM

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