SpiderWeave is currently offering several shared hosting plans, as well as several reseller options that are all reasonably priced. For this review, we’re taking a closer look at their Starter Plan, which is currently priced at $6.95 per month. All of SpiderWeave’s plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee and at this time, there is no set-up fee for any of these accounts.

Finding a plan that offers 1 gig of data storage and 40 gigs of monthly data transfer for less than $7 per month is rare. This plan is well suited for personal sites that need a little extra space, or for small businesses that needmore advanaced features. 500 email accounts are provided, which should be more than enough for even large companies. Gateway Defender, a great tool for protecting against phishing scams, viruses and more is available for an additional fee per email address.

A control panel is offered with this account and appears to be Spider Weave’s proprietary panel. SiteXPress is offered free of charge, but if you prefer to use ContentXpress, this is available for an additional monthly fee. Blogging software is another available add-on, and this hosting package does not appear to offer many free auto-install scripts. You’ll get the basic CGI scripts, but not much else, included for free.

One MySQL database with a 10 meg limit is included with this plan, but you will not be able to add an SSL certificate to this plan. If you need this ability, the next plan up in their pricing scale does offer this ability.

Support is available through a self-help tool, help desk and documentation, but there is no mention on when the support team is available. While this plan is well priced and does offer a lot of features, many of them are add-ons and carry an additional fee. However, basic sites should be able to go with the base configuration and still get what they need to create an excellent site.

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