StartLogic’s WindowsLogic plan provides a budget priced alternative for Windows-based sites that doesn’t scrimp on features. For just $9.95 a month, you can have access to several applications and features that would normally cost at least three times the amount. Let’s see what they have to offer.

This plan features 2 gigs of storage space and 60 gigs of monthly data transfer. These amounts are quite high for this price point and should work for the majority of sites. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided and there is currently no set-up fee for new accounts. This is time limited however, so you may need to make sure that this offer is still valid.

Support for ASP and .NET is provided, as well as an Access Database with ODBC support. A CGI library is included, as well as PerlScripts, support for MySQL, and the typical extensions for FrontPage 2000, 2002 and 2003. A shopping cart is provided free of charge with this account and you’ll be able to administer the majority of your website through VDECK, the online control panel that is provided with this package.

Support for streaming audio and Macromedia Shockwave is included, as well as support for Real Audio and Video. This is quite rare for a Windows-based server, and if you are currently running on this platform and cannot utilize this format, this may be a good hosting company to switch to. It is very hard to find a Windows-based server that supports Real Audio and Video.

A $50 matching advertising credit is included for new accounts, as well as support for other ecommerce needs, such as GnuPG, webmail and custom error pages. You’ll be able to see how much bandwidth you’ve transferred each month through the online stats feature, and AWStats is provided to analyze your site traffic. You’ll also be able to take a look at your site access and error logs, which can be useful when you are installing new applications or if you want to use your own statistic program.

Toll-free telephone and live chat support is offered 24/7 and there is an online troubleshooter that can walk you through several common problems on your own. All in all, this is a very well priced hosting package that doesn’t cut corners where it counts: support and features.

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Posted on 01/16/06 10:35 PM

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