Finding an online data back-up utility is not always easy. There are several different companies on the market, and it can be confusing to find the one that is right for your needs. For this review, we’re going to take a look at Strongspace, which is run by the same people that have brought you TextDrive and Joyent.

Strongspace offers several different plans, starting at just $8 per month. Their base plan provides you with 4 gigs of data storage space, one upload user and unlimited download users. If you need more than one upload account, you can have as many as 60 with their higher priced plans. There is currently no set-up fee for the Strongspace service.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Strongspace provides the following features standard with every account:

Secure FTP - Strongspace does not support regular FTP methods, simply because they are not secure. Instead, they utilize SFTP, which is secure and will not transmit your username and password while you are uploading your files. Strongspace recommends several FTP programs that are capable of secure FTP on their site, including FileZilla and Transmit.

Secure Log-in to View Files – You are provided with an unlimited amount of read-only download users with any account, but they will need to log-in before viewing your files. This gives you an extra layer of security and makes sure that only the people who should have access to your files will be able to see them. They will not be able to modify any of your files in any way, while they are stored with Strongspace.

Secure SSL Access – When you access your files through your browser, you’ll be doing so through SSL, as a further layer of security for your data. This is also useful if you do not have an FTP account, so that you can securely upload your data to Strongspace’s servers through your browser.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Strongspace does not charge you for any bandwidth that you or your read-only users may consume. This is very useful if you plan to share large files.

Daily Roll-Over Snapshots – To ensure that you don’t lose any of the data that you have saved with Strongspace, they provide a daily roll-over snapshot of all the files in your account so that it easy to restore them should something happen.

Strongspace has a number of uses, whether you want to securely share your files with friends or colleagues, or if you need a way to safely back-up your laptop while traveling, or if you need to access your data securely from more than one location.

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Posted on 02/12/06 1:59 AM

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