SubSpaceNet Hosting has kept their hosting options pretty simple. Currently, you’ll find just one available shared hosting plan, which although makes the selection process a lot easier, may not provide all customers what they are looking for. Let’s take a look and see what this plan has to offer.

The current pricing scale is $9.95 per month if you elect the monthly payment option, and there is a $20 set-up fee. This price drops down to $7.95 per month if you purchase a year’s hosting in advance and the set-up fee is also waived. The plan offers just 200 megs of disk space and 5 gigs of monthly data transfer, so it would only be suited for very small personal sites. Most businesses will need more features than this plan can provide, but it might work for businesses that only need a small informational site that won’t receive a great deal of traffic.

25 email accounts are included, and it would appear that only 1 FTP account is offered at this time. A MySQL and PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System is provided, but SubSpaceNet does not go into more detail on how many databases are actually offered. It would be safe to assume that at least one of each is provided, but you should check with their sales department before purchasing this plan if you need more than that. Since the target audience is generally personal sites, this is not too much of an issue.

A web calendar system is offered, as well as free content for your website. Unlike many hosting companies, SubSpaceNet welcomes international customers, which is nice to see. Support is provided for Perl, PHP, SSI, Python and Tcl, so you should be able to add on common scripts on your own which don’t appear to be included with this plan.

For technical support, there is a simple submission form on their site, as well as some documentation. We would have liked to see a little stronger offering in their support department, and this kept SubSpaceNet from receiving a higher ranking in our estimation. Like many small, budget hosting plans, this plan has its shortcomings, but for international customers or very small sites it may be just what they are looking for. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, but this plan could improve with just a little more information for potential customers and a lot more technical support.

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Posted on 03/21/06 3:09 AM

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