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Sunny Oasis is located in Canda, but has offices all over the place. Their hosting plans are ideal for small personal sites, or for a blog site. They are currently waiving their set-up fees and a free domain is included with all of their hosting plans. We’ll be taking a look at their Basic Plan, which is priced at 15 Canadian Dollars.

This plan only offers 20 megs of disk space, which would be sufficient for a few HTML pages or a small blog. 1 gig of bandwidth is included, which should be more than enough for these uses. If you do need more space, be prepared to pay some hefty monthly fees. Their dedicated solution is priced at 500 Canadian dollars per month and only provides 18 gigs of space.

Back to the Basic Plan – 10 email accounts are offered and anti-virus protection is included. A control panel is offered for email account and file management, and website statistics are also available. Support is provided for MySQL databases with this plan, but they do not state how many are included. FrontPage extensions are also supported.

Unfortunately, this plan does require a 3 month minimum contract. If you need extra email addresses, they are available at $1 per month for each additional account. If you do go over your monthly data transfer quota, be prepared to pay an extra $6 for every gig over. Disk space overages are charged at $1 per meg. Keep this in mind if you do decide to go with this plan, and remember to delete your log files to keep your disk space under control.

Technical support is offered through their toll-free number and they offer one number for US customers and another for 19 countries. This is the best feature of this plan. Email support is also provided if you prefer. While this is a nice addition to this plan, it’s price is quite high considering the features that are included. Even with the exchange rate for US customers, the plan is overpriced.

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Posted on 05/25/06 2:35 AM

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