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Superb Servers offers several different dedicated server plans, as well as several collocation options. Let’s see what they can do for you.

Their Standard Server offers a large 80 gig hard drive, and a generous 1,000 gigs of monthly bandwidth. If you need more than that, you can either purchase extra bandwidth in blocks of 100 gigs for $95, or you can upgrade to one of their higher priced plans. 2 IP addresses are provided, and you’ll get 512 megs of RAM. Most dedicated servers in this price range offer half the disk space and much less bandwidth, making this company worth a second look. The 100% uptime guarantee will ensure that your site will stay up and running.

For your server’s operating environment, you can select the Free BSD system for no additional charge, or you can select Linux Fedora Core 3 & 4. If you need Windows hosting, you can select between Windows Server 2003 Standard or Web Edition for an additional fee. It is very easy to customize your server, adding extra disk space or more features as necessary. You can select between the Plesk or CPanel control panel to administer your server online. There are several different configurations and options, competitively priced.

If you need an SSL certificate, you can purchase a basic certificate for a small fee, or and Instant SSL certificate for $49. Miva Merchant is also offered at an extreme discount from the usual street price, which is handy for sites that require ecommerce solutions. If you need managed email service, this is available for a monthly fee and can provide extra anti-virus and spam protection.

Support is provided 24/7, but it is not always free. Certain issues, such as network issues, hardware problems or set-up questions are provided free of charge, but if you need extensive assistance or help with de-bugging, this will be provided on a billed basis.

Superb Servers would have gotten higher marks if they offered free support for all of their customer’s needs, and if they didn’t rely so heavily on upselling add-ons, but this is still a competitively priced package and has a lot to offer for customers with a lot of experience in managing a dedicated server.

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