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TB Host currently offers three Unix-based hosting packages. While these plans are not bursting with features or large quotas, they still have some solid features that may site owners will appreciate. Their plans start at $14.95 and for this review, we’re going to take a look at their most expensive plan, Xtra Unix, which starts at $35.95 per month.

Currently, there is no set-up fee for this plan, and TB Host does offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of their hosting plans. This plan comes with 500 megs of disk space and 10 gigs of monthly data transfer. This is a little light considering the relatively high monthly fee when compared with other hosting companies. Only 20 email accounts are included and 3 FTP accounts are provided. Again, these amounts are a little low.

You can however add-on two additional domains and 2 Telnet/SSH accounts are offered. It’s nice to see a shared hosting plan that offers a telnet feature, since many do not. Also provided are three different shopping carts, several application scripts and an SSL certificate, making this plan well suited for ecommerce solutions. Site Studio is also provided and TB Host has provided a demo so you can see all that it can do. If you’re not familiar with HTML or web design, this is a very nice feature to have.

MySQL and PHP 4 are supported and daily back-ups are currently provided. This is another nice feature that can be hard to come by with shared hosting plans. Technical support options include several on-site tutorials, a knowledgebase and a 24/7 support ticket system. Given the relatively high monthly price, toll-free telephone support would have been nice and would have resulted in TB Host receiving an overall higher ranking.

While this plan has several nice features, it is still priced too high to remain competitive in today’s market. With a little more technical support, higher disk space and bandwidth allotments and some extra features like Fantastico, the value for this plan would increase.

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Posted on 03/22/06 2:58 AM

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