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Technique Hosting has Windows, Unix and Reseller hosting plans that are reasonably priced. For this review, we’re going to focus on their Windows plans. You’ll have three from which to choose, but we’ll be taking at a look at their mid-level plan, the Win100 Designer Plan.

Currently, the disk space allotment is 100 megs and the monthly bandwidth limit is 2 gigs. These limits are very low considering the monthly cost of $14.95. While there is a discount if you purchase a year’s worth of hosting, and there is a $25 set-up fee, regardless of the option you select. Unlimited email addresses come with this plan, as well as unlimited forwarders, autoresponders and mailing lists.

The Helm Control panel is offered with this plan and Site Studio is provided free of charge. It’s nice to see both options, and helps with the overall price for this plan. There is a mention of online database management, but their documentation doesn’t state whether any databases are offered with this plan. If you do need databases for your site, you may want to check with their sales department for more information. Unlimited FTP accounts come with this account, and an online file manager is also available. This is also nice to see with a Windows account.

ASP, ASP.NET, ASP Mail, ASP Upload are supported and ODBC DNSs are offered. You’ll be able manage your own DNS zones, and several network tools are also available. While this plan is lacking in space, it does make up for the cost with extra features. Most NT hosts don’t provide unlimited FTP accounts, or email accounts, particularly with comparable hosting plans.

For technical support, it’s difficult to say, since their support page was not available. If this changes at a later date, we’ll update this review with more information on the available support options.

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Posted on 04/13/06 8:32 PM

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