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Text Drive bills themselves as the reliable high performance hosting company that you can trust. Let’s see if they can live up to that claim. Their shared plans start at $12.00 per month and require a $25 set-up fee. Overall, the diskspace is reasonable for the cost, and the bandwidth is pretty standard for this price-point. Where TextDrive comes out on top is their support of the development community and the built-in features that they offer with their plans.

Whether you are into using Ruby on the Rails, or you need lighttpd, TextDrive will have you covered. There’s only one snag, their shared plans cannot be used for web app development, testing or tweaking. If you need this functionality, you’ll have to look at their business or dedicated hosting options. However, if you are running a stable app, the shared server plans will work quite well for you.

The starter plan allows you to have three sites and six databases. The amount of email accounts you are allotted is determined entirely by the space that you have available on your account. This feature, as well as the advanced email functions can come in handy for many users.

You’ll also find several popular CMS’s included with your account, ranging from WordPress, to Drupal to Textpatten. In all, 10 CMS or Web Apps are included with even the basic account. A web-based control panel is also offered, for easy management of email addresses and more. If you need full shell access, you’ll get that, even with the basic account.

Overall, TextDrive caters to a specific group of users who are looking for advanced functionality at a reasonable price. If you need extra capabilities on your server, or if you want to get into Ruby on Rails development, this hosting company is definitely worth a try. New webmasters or people who want to set-up a personal site may be overwhelmed by some of the features and would best be served with another hosting company that provides more of the kind of features that they need.

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Posted on 01/12/06 3:00 AM

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