The Benefits of Using Verisign

As you browse through many ecommerce sites, you have undoubtedly seen a reference to Verisign. Is this something that will help you increase your customers confidence in your store and as such, increase your sales? Let’s find out.

Verisign is a company that offers many different solutions to ecommerce sites. These solutions range from SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates, to payment processing and fraud protection options.

If your web hosting company does not include an SSL certificate with the purchase of your hosting package, you will need to set one up in order to accept secure credit card payments. The certificate will range anywhere from $395 to $895, depending on the amount of encryption you select. You will also be able to display the Verisign seal on your website, letting your customers know that you have selected the premier provider of secure transactions.

This is a very large fee for a small company or individual, but unfortunately, it is a necessary one. The vast majority of Internet users will not purchase products from a site that does not offer secure payment processing. The cost for the certificate can be offset by the increase of sales you will experience.

If you already have a SSL certificate, Verisign also offers payment processing solutions. You will need a merchant account in addition to these solutions. You will also need to have a shopping cart that will integrate with Verisign. When you use the Verisign payment processing gateway, you are ensuring that your customer’s information will not be stolen while they are being redirected to your merchant account processing system. The payment processing solutions all offer the ability to use the Verisign Seal on your website.

These solutions start at $59.95 per month and require a $250 set-up fee. These fees will be in addition to any costs that may be associated with your merchant account. Once you have purchased a payment processing solution from Verisign, you will then be able to add on fraud protection, if this is something that will benefit your customers.

The fraud protection program ensures that fraudulent credit cards may not be used on your site, which cuts down on your liability as a store owner. In addition to this, the program will also protect your payment processing method from hackers, leaving your customers to know they are safe while they are purchasing products from you.

Do you need Verisign services on your website? This will depend on what your current hosting company is providing with your hosting package, as well as shopping cart compatibility. Verisign is the leading provider of secure processing solutions and they have a great reputation with consumers. If you want to provide your customers with a high level of assurance, your company may benefit from using Verisign.

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Posted on 12/14/05 10:01 PM

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