For our continuing series on UK hosting companies, we are reviewing TidyHost’s Windows Professional Plan. This plan is currently priced at 9.95 pounds per month, which is still pretty reasonable, even when converted into USD. If you prefer Unix-based hosting, TidyHosts also offers three Unix shared hosting plans for around the same amount of money.

This plan offers 4.5 gigs of disk space, and 10 gigs of monthly data transfer. Given the monthly price, this is pretty standard, but it may be stretching it a little to call it “enterprise” hosting as TidyHosts does. Unlimited email accounts are offered, and all come with anti-virus scanning, which is nice for businesses that have a continual problem with infected email. Spam filtering is also available, which is another nice feature.

A file manager is provided for easy online management for your site, and up to 150 FTP accounts are offered. For most businesses, this should be more than sufficient. A lot of NT hosts neglect to include more than one FTP account, so this is nice to see. 150 subdomains are available with this plan, and AWstats is the current site statistic program. Support is offered for ASP.NET and ASP scripting, as well as PHP and Perl. Five MSSQL databases are offered and 850 MySQL databases are also provided. Once again, TidyHosts does well, as this is another area frequently neglected by NT hosts.

A control panel is offered, but TidyHosts does not mention which one it is. Technical support is offered around the clock through their online contact form or by email. For emergencies, a telephone number is provided, but keep in mind that toll-charges will apply.

Overall, this NT plan did well in our rankings, and provides a lot of features that are hard to find elsewhere. Even customers in the US may want to consider this plan if they are not satisfied with their current NT hosting company.

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Posted on 05/5/06 3:43 AM

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