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Tilted Hosting offers everything from shared hosting plans to dedicated solutions, and the selection is pretty broad. Since they do offer some unique ecommerce plans, we’ll be reviewing their Level 2 Plan, which is currently priced at $49.95 per month.

You’ll get just 250 megs of disk space and 30 gigs of monthly transfer for your monthly fee. While the data transfer allotment is just fine, the disk space could use a lot of improvement. Some larger companies may have problems staying within this limit, particularly if they use a database to run their shopping cart and store customer data. The $25 set-up fee doesn’t help much either, when it comes to ranking this plan for value.

75 FTP accounts are provided, which should be enough for even larger companies but they seem to have neglected to mention how many email addresses are provided. Unlimited MySQL databases are offered, which is a relief considering the price and a unique IP address comes standard with this account. SSL is supported, but you’ll need to purchase your own certificate.

One of the things that makes this plan unique is Miva Merchant 4 which comes standard with all of their ecommerce accounts. This is a great cart and one that should help businesses get off to a good start with their online stores. A control panel is provided, as well as a file manager, usage statistics and a webmail client. Tilted performs nightly data back-ups, and same day express set-up is offered for all new accounts.

Toll-free telephone support is provided, as well as support by email. While this plan is priced in the higher range for ecommerce hosting, it does provide new customers with all the tools, minus an SSL certificate, that they need to develop a really good store. They would have been ranked higher in our directory if they had included at least a shared SSL certificate for free and if they had mentioned how many email addresses were provided.

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Posted on 05/19/06 3:25 AM

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