If you prefer the Plesk Control Panel, you’ll certainly like the plans offered by UltraSurge, which are built around this solution. With several different levels of hosting plans, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Their UltraExtreme Plan features 2 gigs of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer. Since this plan appears to be aimed at resellers, the ability to host 20 additional domains is provided. This would also work well if you host several sites on different servers, allowing you to consolidate your hosting costs. If you don’t need this feature, their UltraPro plan offers a similar amount of data transfer, with a little less disk space for $9.95 per month.

Going back to the UltraExtreme Plan, you’ll be able to have unlimited subaccounts with FTP access, as well as unlimited subdomains with forwarding. This is a great feature for resellers, or for sites that have numerous contributors or the need for several subdomains. Unlimited email accounts are also provided and a free shared SSL certificate will be available for you and your customers. ASP pages and FrontPage extensions are also supported with this plan.

If you need to use MySQL databases, you’ll appreciate their unlimited MySQL offering. This is also a great selling feature for your customers, if you do plan to resell your space. Password protected directories are available, as well as support for PHP, Perl, CGI, JavaScript and Wireless Access Protocol or WAP. A file manager and a log manager are included with this plan, as well as FrontPage WebAdmin.

Technical support is offered via their online support desk, but it does not appear to be available 24/7. This would have improved Ultrasurge’s overall rating, but if this is a not a concern for you, this plan is still well priced and has a great deal of useful features.

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