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Uplink Earth offers a variety of different hosting solutions and the company recently announced that they have added a new affiliate program designed to help their customers make more money promoting their available hosting plans. Let’s take a look at their Primary Plan to see if it’s worth getting excited about.

This plan is currently priced at $8.95 per month, but the price does drop if you purchase more than one month’s worth of hosting in advance. You’ll get 1 gig of disk space and 20 gigs of monthly data transfer, which could be improved a little bit. The amount of transfer is nice for the money, but in all honesty, the disk space is a little low. However, this plan is well suited for its target audience, small businesses, and most should be able to stay well within these limits.

Only 200 email accounts are provided, but once again, for a small business, this is probably enough. Each mailbox can only hold 50 megs of email, and 200 autoresponders are offered under this plan. You can however, add an unlimited amount of SPAM filters to each account, which is very nice to see. One master FTP account and one sub-master FTP account is provided, which is pretty standard for budget hosting. Unless a site has numerous contributors this really shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Since this plan is geared toward’s small businesses, let’s see what kind of ecommerce features it has to offer. A shared SSL certificate is provided free of charge, which is a great deal for the monthly price. You can however add on your own certificate, but you’ll most likely need to add a dedicated IP address, which isn’t mentioned in their documentation. A weekly back-up is provided, but it does not look as if any shopping carts are offered with this plan. However, a few CMS scripts are, and it’s easy enough to find open source shopping carts that can be installed later. Only 1 MySQL database is provided, so keep this in mind if you plan to have a CMS and a cart on your site.

Toll-free technical support
is provided during regular business hours, or you can use their 24/7 help desk if you prefer. At least there is some form of telephone support offered, even if it is only during business hours. Although this plan features a low monthly price, the amount of features are most likely not suited towards a business with complex needs. It would however work nicely as an entry level ecommerce solution or a simple online presence for a company.

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