ValueWeb has gone above and beyond with their current hosting plan for businesses. If you need a generous amount of diskspace and bandwidth, as well as numerous other features, this plan is certainly worth a look. There is a set-up fee, but at this writing, it has been reduced to $19. ValueWeb is currently offering a free domain name registration with new accounts, which does offset the overall set-up cost.

In addition to their standard features, ValueWeb is currently offering sixty days free of Constant Contact service, the set-up fee for TalkLive has been waived and you can even get a $25 credit for your GoogleAdWords account when you sign up. Other features include a free installation of Web Urchin, valued at over $895 and CreateIt! Desktop which is valued at more than $200. With these free tools, it won’t take any time at all to get your business website up and running.

With their basic account, you’ll get 5 gigs of diskspace, 25 SQL databases and PayPal ecommerce integration. The 99.9% uptime guarantee and the web-based control panel should be appreciated by most users. 50 email accounts are included, with each featuring 1 gig of space. ValueWeb also offers free virus protection for all email accounts, stopping a reported 400,000 viruses daily. This extra layer of protection can be very useful for businesses that receive an inordinate amount of viruses. Symantec’s Brightmail Anti-Spam solution is included with all accounts, free of charge.

One of the best features included with this plan is ValueWeb’s internal 24/7 customer support. They do not outsource their tech-support techs and each one has been trained internally by ValueWeb. Toll-free phone support is offered with all accounts, as well as online self-help options.

Overall, this is a good plan for the money, mainly due to the features that ValueWeb has built into their offer. While you can find similar plans for less money, the value of the included add-ons may make a difference in your final decision. They do offer a discount if a year’s contract is purchased, bringing their plan more in line with other companies.

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Posted on 01/12/06 3:03 AM

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