Video Tutorial: Using IE to Upload Files

If you are new to File Transfer Protocol or FTP as it is commonly found, finding the right program to handle the job can be very complicated. However, there is a simple way to transfer your site’s files to your new server, using Internet Explorer. We’ve included a brief video tutorial as well as some screenshots to assist you.

First, you will need to have your site’s FTP address. Commonly, this will look like:

However, in some cases, hosting companies may require you to put your username in this url, such as:

If you are unsure of what your site’s FTP address is, you can contact your hosting company for this information.

Now, you’ll need your username and password for your server. This information should be included with your welcome email and will typically be the same log-in information that you use for your control panel.

After you have typed in: into your browser’s URL bar, you will typically see a log-in box, or a blank page. If you have a blank page, click on “File,” and then “Log-In As” in the top left corner of your screen. Your log-in box should look like this:

Enter in your username, and password and you will be connected to your site’s directory.

Now, you will need to select the directory for the files you wish to upload. If they are regular files for your site, such as your index.html file, you can select the “www” directory, or “public_html” depending on your server. Double click this file, and it’s contents will now display in your browser window. Alternatively, you can select a different directory, such as uploads, where you can transfer your files.

The process for opening each directory is the same. If you need to return to the main listing for your server, simply use your browser’s back button to navigate.

Once you have opened your correct directory, you can drag-and-drop your file that is currently on your computer into this directory. It helps to have this directory or file folder on your computer already open when you get ready to transfer your files. Select the file you wish to move to your server. Now, drag this file into your FTP window in Internet Explorer and release your mouse. You should get a small box that will tell you it is transferring the file, which should now be visible in your directory.

If you want to add a directory, you can do so by right clicking your mouse and selecting, “New,” and then “Folder.” A new folder will appear and you will be able to type in your desired directory name. Click enter and the new name will be displayed.

In the event that you need to delete a file, you can right click on the file’s icon and select “Delete.” You will be prompted before the deletion is complete to ensure that you do want to get rid of this file. Select yes or no, and the file will either be removed, or will remain, based on your preference.

The following video illustrates how to transfer and delete files, as well as how to create and delete directories.

Click here to watch this brief video tutorial.

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