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ViUx Hosting has several plans for different needs, but their Advanced Plan is built with ecommerce customers in mind. With the ability to host six different domains and several features to help ecommerce sites promote their products, this is a well priced plan that has a lot to offer.

This plan currently provides 6 gigs of data storage and 60 gigs of monthly data transfer, starting at $16.95 per month. There is a set-up fee with the month-to-month option, but if you opt to purchase six months or more in advance, this set-up fee is waived and the overall price is discounted. A 30-day money back guarantee is provided, making it safer to purchase a few months of hosting in advance without worrying about being stuck with a plan that won’t perform up to your expectations.

18 FTP accounts are provided, which is a little light, but should be enough for most businesses. If you have a lot of contributors, or if you plan on running a very small reseller business with this plan, this could be an issue. 6 MySQL databases and 6 MS SQL databases are included free of charge. 18 DSN’s are provided, as well as a number of tools to help you administer your databases. If you plan on using your server to stream Windows Media files, you will need to purchase an add-on to do so, but Flash and Shockwave are supported with no additional fee.

Since this is a plan geared towards ecommerce sites, let’s see what’s included. SecurePay is provided at no additional fee, as well as a shared SSL certificate. If you need a unique SSL certificate, or if you wish to use StoreFront 6, there will be an additional fee. If you do need your own SSL certificate, you will need to purchase a dedicated IP address from ViUx as well. Several ASP.NET components are provided, including the full ASPFusion Component Suite, ASPUpload, ASPDNS and much more.

The biggest failing for this plan is the lack of hands-on technical support. You’ll be able to browse through ViUx’s extensive documentation or ask a question in their customer forums, but telephone support, online ticket support or even email support contacts are mentioned, but elusive. This keeps this plan from getting the high marks it could have.

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