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Web Favorite Hosting has a little bit for everyone, including internet access, hosting plans and much more. While their plan selection isn’t the best, ie: they have only one, it is cheap and offers a decent amount of features for the money. Currently, it’s priced at $10 per month, or if you want to pay for a whole year, it’s only $100.

This plan comes with only 100 megs of disk space, and unfortunately, Web Favorite doesn’t state how much bandwidth comes with this plan. This makes it very hard to recommend, beside the fact that the disk space minimal. Still, a small personal site could probably benefit from this plan. CPanel is the control panel for this hosting package and Web Favorite has provided a demo if you’re unfamiliar with how this panel works.

Unlimited email addresses and subdomains are provided, which is nice to see. Support is provided for Perl/CGI, PHP and Java scripting as well as Front Page extensions. You’ll get at least one MySQL database and a shopping cart, which should be sufficient for a small site. It’s always nice to see unlimited databases, or even more than one, but at least one is provided from the looks of the documentation. This could have been a little clearer since one page has database in the singular, while the “more info” page has it in the plural. Pre-built content is available for hosting customers, which can help you fill in your site’s content. Other features include design options provided by the hosting company to assist you in building your site.

Fantastico is provided free of charge, which is nice for a plan in this price range. Other features include one-click back-ups, spam filters, software for mailing lists and a web based file manager. This plan would be a very good fit for a new site owner, or for someone who just wants a cheap place to establish their internet presence. A help-desk is provided, but there is no indication on when it is staffed. Overall, Web Favorite would benefit by adding a little more information about this plan.

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Posted on 04/13/06 2:01 AM

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