Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for 03/08/2006

Here’s Your Hosting Industry Daily Briefing for March 8, 2006.

Comodo Offers New Back-up Tool

Comodo, one of the most popular issuer of SSL certificates, announced today that they are now offering Comodo BackUp. The application will offer automated file duplication and recovery tools for Windows XP/2000 and will allow users to schedule their own backups.

The application is free and is intended to assist home users and network administrators in protecting their valuable data from system crashes, corruption from malware and accidental deletion. Backups can be saved on the remote system or they can be uploaded using FTP and then restored with a one touch restore option.

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Survey Seeks Spike in Domain Name Speculation

According to a recent survey conducted by NetCraft, there has been a substantial increase in domain name speculation. The survey collected responses from 77,568,868 sites this month, an increase of 1.38 million from the February 2006 survey and found that 2.8 million new hostnames were registered this month, but only 237,000 became new active sites. These results suggest that recent coverage of domain name speculation and high dollar sales has prompted more consumers to try their hand at auctioning off popular domain names.

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Affinity Adds Bundled SQL Hosting

Affinity Hosting announced today that they are now offering bundled SQL hosting solutions built around Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Affinity hopes that this new addition will provide their customers with a more reliable bundled hosting solution. The SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition plan is currently priced at $285 per month

“SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition helps small business owners easily manage and analyze data – dramatically reducing the time required to launch vital e-commerce and line-of-business applications,” says Jim Collins, CEO of Affinity Internet. “This new bundle option reaffirms Affinity’s position as central resource center for small businesses operating online.”

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MySiteSpace Offers Dedicated IP Addresses

MySiteSpace announced today that they are now offering dedicated IP addresses as a special add-on for their Unix Developer plan as well as their Windows Platinum plan. The upgrade applies not only to new accounts, but to previously purchased accounts as well.

“Having a dedicated IP address with your website offers several advantages ranging from enhanced email privacy, SSL Support and more. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for it, so we’re making it available”, says Marc Stephens, Director of Business Development at MySiteSpace. “Not that this one is anything revolutionary, but IP addresses are not exactly in abundance in affordable web hosting plans and it’s always exciting to offer such a substantial new feature.”

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