Web Hosting Information’s Guide to Domain Name Appraisal Services

For more information on how the domain name appraisal business works, please see our Resource Article on this subject. This Guide will cover the best domain name appraisal services, based on overall value, quality of service and reliability. You’ll find a link to each company in the descriptions below, as well as pertinent information to help you find the best company to fit your individual needs.

GoDaddy.com ’ This popular provider of cheap domain name registration and hosting services recently added domain name appraisals to their offerings. Appraisals start at just $4.95, and you’ll get your results in less than 2 hours. If you own a lot of domains, this is an economical solution. 5 critical factors are employed to determine the value of your domain, which according to their website are: Commercial Use, Brand Recognition, Name Length, Dot Value and Word Count. If you want an expert to appraise your domain name, the price goes up to $14.95 per domain and the wait time is currently around 2 days. This is still reasonable and can provide you with added insight into your prospects.

AccurateDomains.com ’ This company was recently featured by the BBC and is one of the few that actually offers a money back guarantee. They state that they have appraised over 100,000 domain names and have been used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to regular individuals. The companies prestige carries with it a higher price tag for appraisals, but you do get what you pay for. Their standard appraisal starts at $27 for the first domain and the premier appraisal is currently priced at $87. The premier option is the only one that includes a written assessment, which is an important part of a successful domain name sale.

DomainMart.com ’ This company offers four different options for domain name appraisals, and they will give you a 50% discount on their services if you decide to use them as your transfer and escrow agent. A simple appraisal or a review of the domain name by your peers is $50 per domain. The standard time is 3 days for a response, but you can pay extra for 24 hour service. All of their reports are kept confidential, which is nice to see. This company also offers Liquidation Valuation and a Custom Consulting option, which starts at $200 per hour. If you have more than one domain name to appraise, they do offer discounts, which is a good thing considering the price tag.

NameZero.com ’ While this isn’t exactly a domain name appraisal service, it’s a great place to start and it won’t cost you a dime. You can join the community and get a free appraisal on your domain, as well as see what other domains are currently for sale. Special areas of their forums include legal issues and you’ll be able to search over 1.2 million posts on the subject of domain name sales. This is an invaluable resource and one that can’t be recommended highly enough, particularly if you are new to domain name appraisals, sales and auctions.

ADNAppraisals.com ’ This company is a little bit cheaper than the others listed above and uses a 4 point system to determine the value of a domain. Their standard service starts at $14.95 and the premium option is $49.95 a domain. They offer sample appraisals, a nice FAQ and ordering through PayPal or ClickBank. They will appraise domain names with several different extension types, which is nice to see, but whether or not they can compete with the other companies listed above will remain to be seen. An important component of a successful appraisal business is customer’s trust and in this industry, that’s a tough job.

Sedo.com ’ If you don’t mind waiting for your appraisal, Sedo offers reasonable pricing and a written response that can be used to market your domain. Currently, their standard appraisal is priced at $19 and the wait time is 7 business days. 5 factors are considered to determine the worth of a domain, but if you want a little more comprehensive analysis, their premium appraisal uses a 10 point system and is just $20 more. In addition, the premium appraisal service will get you a response in three business days, which is great if you’re in a hurry. If you own several domains, this company also offers a portfolio analysis service, but their price for this package was not available on their site.

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