Web Hosting Information’s Guide to Online Site Builders

Site builders make it incredibly easy to get your site online, without having to learn HTML. Most hosting companies are now including site builders for free with their hosting packages. We’ve rounded up some of the most popular offerings for site builders below, so that you can make your own choice as to which one you like best.

SiteStudio – This site builder is by far the one that you’ll find offered by hosting companies. You can try out a demo at the site we’ve linked to so that you can see all that this application can do. Numerous templates are included for different purposes, giving most sites the ability to find a design that suits their needs quite well. You’ll be building your site step-by-step, so even a novice can quickly master this application without any problem. It’s easy to use and the results are professional.

XSitePro – This is a new site builder that debuted earlier this year. It is geared more towards professional marketers and makes it very easy to post special offers and other product specific information on your site. Several videos and documentation are available with this application to assist you in learning how to use it. Their site claims that from the simplest site to the most complex site of several hundred pages, this app can get the job done. It’s not free however and most hosting companies are not yet offering it.

RVSiteBuilder – This builder is typically bundled with CPanel since it features tight integration with this popular control panel. It’s simple to use and offers a bunch of free templates, and can be offered by resellers for their customers. According to their site, new templates are constantly being added, and are available in many different subjects, such as health, internet and more. This builder is friendly for Mac and PC, and supports most browsers. You can try out the demo on the site we linked to above.

Soholaunch Pro - The makers of Soholaunch Pro recently announced that this immensely popular site builder is now available for free. This is probably the second most popular site builder offered by hosting companies and is very powerful. Several templates come bundled with this application as well as add-ons that can make your site even more functional. Unlike many builders, this application can also help you build an ecommerce site and can even assist you in creating password protected pages on your site.

SiteKreator – This is a unique site builder that offers two different payment options. Businesses can purchase a year’s worth of service for $95 that includes business specific templates and multi-level navigational menus for their sites. The personal version is priced at $19.95 per year and offers 50 templates, blog utilities and photo galleries. Up to 10mb of space is offered with this builder, making it a mini-hosting account.

As you can see, you’ll have numerous choices when it comes to picking the site builder that is right for you. We highly recommend taking each one for a test drive to see what they can do. In addition, many hosting companies like 1and1.com offer their own site builders that are very functional.

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